New Kitten Care – how to prepare your home

New Kitten Care – how to prepare your home

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I have spent decades hosting mamas and their babies as a foster for local rescues including Open Door Animal Sanctuary.  I get the privilege of loving on those little scraps and preparing them for their happy future with a new family. YES it is tough to let them go sometimes! It is important to prepare yourself and learn about new kitten care and how to prepare your home.


  • Within a couple of days of a kitten arriving at your home, take her to the veterinarian for an exam, parent education and vaccinations.  Make sure to use a cat carrier for transporting her, both for her safety and sense of security.  This carrier should be used at all times when your kitten leaves your home.
  • Set up a “kitten room.”  This should be a small room with an easily cleaned floor.  Provide a bed, litter box, food and water (not near the litter box), something to scratch on, and a few safe toys. Remove exposed wiring or other dangerous objects. String, ribbon, and rubber bands are all easily overlooked but dangerous to a kitten! Remember they can climb!
  • Initiate a schedule of feeding, playing and handling to provide the kitten with the structure of regular activities.  You can turn on a small nightlight for your kitten at nighttime (she will learn this is the cue for bed, plus the light will help her navigate the room in the dark).  Be aware of the sleep needs of your kitten and allow her plenty of time to sleep when she is tired.
  • Handle your kitten gently and frequently for short periods of time.  Practice touching her near her eyes, ears, paws, etc.  This will be good practice for veterinarian exams.


  • Once your kitten is used to using her litter box, you can gradually expand her territory to exploring nearby rooms under your watchful eye.
  • Be prepared for your kittens sense of adventure and curiosity.  Watch for dangerous objects and direct the kitten to acceptable play and scratch items.  Kittens under 3 months of age should have close supervision when away from their “kitten room.”
  • Provide your kitten with stimulating and safe toys to play with. Sometimes this can be as simple as a wad of paper to bat around! There are many fun wands and toys on the market that will provide hours of enjoyment for both of you.
  • Most importantly, always treat your kitten with love and kindness.  Help them grow to be a loving, gentle cat.

Hopefully these tips on new kitten care and preparing your home will help your kitten acclimate to her new space as easily as possible.

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