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You all have seen the amazing pictures that our staff take of your pets when you can’t be there. Our staff training includes education on pet photography to get the “best” of your pets and not always butt shots. We know you enjoy them! Here is a bit of information from our team on perfect pet photography – and how to do it!

With the new cameras available we have come SUCH a long way from our early picture uploads a decade ago!  Here are some tips we have learned along the way that will hopefully help you get some good shots of your 4-Legged Kid…


  1.  Start With Your Pet’s Personality.  If your pet is a bit lazy, capture him laying down or yawning.  If your pet is always active, capture him playing with a favorite toy or performing his favorite trick.  Think about what your pet loves to do and try to capture that.
  2. Think About Location.  Make sure that wherever you take the pictures, your pet is comfortable and at ease.  Also, think about the background of the shots…typically simple is better.  You want to capture your pet and not the surroundings.
  3. Get in Close.   Most of the time, pets are smaller than us and many times end up getting lost in a picture.  The closer you get to your pet, the better your shot will be.
  4. Get on Their Level.  Get down on your pets level and look at them eye to eye.  If you photograph while standing up, you’ll get a “human perspective” on your pet.  You’ll be much more impressed with your results taking the shot from their level.
  5. Mix Up Your Framing.  Take different shots of your pet…just his face, a ¾ length shot, a full body shot, and even just his eyes, whiskers or nose.  You’ll be able to capture your pet in a variety of ways.
  6. Catch them Unaware.  Like children, pets rarely sit still or pose for photographs.  Sit back and start snapping pictures as your pet plays.  You’ll be amazed at what you capture.
  7. Use Natural Light.  If possible, take pictures outside and avoid using a flash.  The flash does not only cause red-eye, but can also scare your pet.
  8. Be Patient.  When you get excited, so does your pet.  If you relax and wait, so will your pet and you’ll be able to capture that perfect shot.


We LOVE using the “Portrait” mode on our phones to really highlight your pets and minimize the background. These can really result in some nearly professional-quality photos! You can take a look at some of our cool pics in our 2020 Dog Walking Yearbook.

Hopefully these tips will help you get that perfect shot of your 4-Legged Kid!

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