How to prepare your pets for your upcoming vacation

How to prepare your pets for your upcoming vacation

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One of our favorite times of the year…vacation season! Of course we have vacation season for some people all year round, but we really peak May through August. Why do we like vacation season? We get to meet new friends and see some of our long-time friends. We have been assisting pet parents with their vacation planning since 1997 and wanted to share some tips to make sure that you prepare your pets for your upcoming vacation.

Prepare Your Pets for Your Vacation

  • Make your pet comfortable with someone coming into their home. Some pets are slow to warm up. Ensure their success by having some of their favorite treats and toys available for your pet sitter to grab on the way in the door.
  • Leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Sometimes your pet sitter has a question or concern about your pet when they visit.
  • Share your pet’s feeding schedule, a typical daily schedule, how your pet walks on a leash, any medications your pet needs, and any “quirks” your pet might have that need to be understood for the best time for all. 4-Legged Kids has an integrated online platform for all notes to be updated before you leave home.
  • Double check your reservation on your secure online client portal several days before you leave. Changes happen in your schedule and you want to make sure your pets have the care scheduled that they need.
  • Stock up on everything your pets need while you are gone. This includes: extra food, medicine, treats, a properly fitting collar or harness, and a few favorite toys. Provide lick mats with peanut butter and easy cheese or instructions for frozen stuffed Kongs. We are happy to leave any approved mental stimulation toys and treats for your dogs when we leave.

Some Other Things to Consider

  • Is your pet up-to-date on vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and heartworm treatment.  If it happens to be time for a treatment while you are gone we are happy to administer!
  • Keep our office phone number with you (636)405-0400 if you have any schedule changes or concerns while you are gone. Be mindful of time zones. Many times it is easier and quicker to contact us through your secure online client portal.
  • Advise your veterinarian that someone else will be caring for your pet(s) and authorize the vet to provide medical care in your absence if it becomes necessary. It is a good practice to have your card on file with your veterinarian.

Does your pet suffer from anxieties? Download our Guide for you to help prepare your pets for vacation. Get your Separation Anxiety Guide.

When you return, allow for a short transition period for you and your pet to adjust back to your normal routine at home.

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