Grilling With Dogs on Memorial Day

Grilling With Dogs on Memorial Day

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Many pet owners will be firing up their BBQ grill this weekend for the holiday.  I don’t know about your dog, but around here they go nuts with sizzling meat on the grill.  Unfortunately, each year thousands of animals are brought to pet emergency rooms because of the dangers associated with summer grilling.  Many of these mishaps can easily be prevented. There are many things to remember when you are grilling with dogs over Memorial Day weekend.


  • -Some of the most dangerous foods include corn cobs and any meat with bones.  Dogs love to chew on these, but the cobs and bones can get lodged in their intestines.
  • -One of the most overlooked items is the meat juices and drippings from the grill spilling on loose gravel, dirt or mulch.  Dogs will lick and swallow the juice and end up with a belly full of rocks, dirt or mulch.   Be careful with drippings and clean up spills as soon as possible.
  • -Be aware of foil, plastic wrap, skewers and string we use to prepare and cook foods.  Make sure these are safely placed in garbage cans (that your dog cannot get into).
  • -Be smart about scraps.   While your pet will happily gobble up pretty much anything that comes off the grill, remind your guests not to feed your pets.  Keep a watchful eye over the food tables to make sure your determined dogs don’t help themselves to the goodies.
  • -Many foods are poisonous to animals, including:  onions, garlic, chives, chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, avocados, and many candies.
  • -Don’t forget the grill itself.  Make sure to keep pets away from the hot grill and coals until they are completely cooled down.  Burns for pets are as dangerous and painful as they are for people.
  • -One last reminder…don’t forget all those cups of alcoholic beverages.  Make sure they stay out of reach of your pets.

We wish you all a happy Memorial Day and hope you enjoy the day safely with family, friends, and your 4-legged kids.

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