Why Does My Cat Do That? Here are some answers

Why Does My Cat Do That? Here are some answers

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Have you ever wondered  “why does my cat do that?”

This is for all Pet Parents of Feline Kids…

Cats can be pretty funny creatures, but there is actually a method to all the madness.  Cats sleep for the majority of the time (sometimes up to 20 hours a day!).  For those few hours they are awake, they can do some strange things.  Here are a few that will keep you wondering…

Why does he jump up on the bannister, freeze, then jump back down?

  • He is practicing his hunting and survival skills.  This also explains why he may make an obstacle course out of your house and run through it a few times before settling down.

Why does my cat knead?

  • This is a behavior he learned as a kitten and was still nursing.  In order to get more milk from a mother cat, kittens will knead the area around her teat while they are suckling.  This helps the flow of milk to the teat and enables them to consume more.  Once cats grow up they sometimes still do this just as a comfort activity, perhaps it reminds them of their mom.

Why does she bump and rub me with the front part of her head?

  • This is called bunting and it is how cats show affection.  It’s a cat instinct to mark you with their scent and he is actually claiming you as his territory.

Why do my cats claw on the back of my couch?

  • This is an instinctual behavior for cats to work their claws and mark their territory.  Once a cat claws something, their scent is left on that object, so they will come back again to claw it. (hint – give them something appropriate to sharpen their claws on and smother it in catnip!)

Why does my cat wake me up to play at 3:00 am?

  • Cats are nocturnal animals and do not understand that you need to sleep at night.  Your cat simply wants some attention.

Why does a cat always land on its feet when it falls?

  •  Cats have an exceptional sensory system.  When it falls, the cat’s nervous system knows that it is upside down and falling.  Because of this, the cat can use his tail and very flexible body to twist and right himself for a safer landing.   This built-in ability to adjust its position in mid-air saves many cats from injuries when they fall.

Why does my cat put his toy in his bowls?

  • Cats look upon their food area as part of their territory.  Cats are putting their favorite toy in a “safe” place.

Why does my cat love drinking from a dripping faucet?

  • Cats prefer their food and water fresh, and running water is as fresh as it gets.  Plus, the motion of water coming out of a faucet is appealing to their sense of hearing and sight.

Hopefully, this helps you understand a little bit more about why your kitty does some of those quirky things. Please let us know if you have other questions about things your cat does and we’ll find the answers for you. We speak fluent feline and would love to get to know your cats the next time you travel. Read more about our CAT SITTING

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