A Plethora of Personal Pet Presents

plethora of personal pet presents

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It’s that time of year again! We shower our four-legged friends with gifts every day of the year, but ‘tis the season to show our like-minded two-legged friends some love! If you need some help deciding what to put under the tree this year, we’ve got a plethora of personal pet presents inspiration coming your way! 

For the art aficionado

For a personal and one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to bring happy tears to anyone who adores their pet, you can’t go wrong with a painted portrait! Check out Zero to 100 Paintings for a local artist or Fiverr for a variety of different artists with different styles from around the world! If you have some art chops yourself, you could even try painting one yourself. Even if it’s a little bit… rustic… it’s still from the heart. If your friend enjoys making art as much as they love viewing it, check out Paint Your Pet events at places like Pinot’s Palette and get them (and yourself) a seat! 


For the jewelry lover

If your friend loves jewelry, you’ve got gift-giving in the bag! Etsy is a treasure trove for unique jewelry that can be customized to your friends’ specific pets. This Dog nose print necklace is unique and super cute, for example. And if $90 is a bit steep, there are plenty of similar items available for a whole range of prices. If you’re looking for a surprise and don’t have access to your friend’s dog’s nose, something with their pet’s name on it is also really cute and personal! Maybe personalized isn’t your thing. You know your friend best and the good news is, there’s something to fit pretty much any style! Personally, I got this quirky piece for a gift a few years ago- it’s still my favorite and I get loads of compliments on it. 

For the dog who needs some spoiling

If all your friend wants for Christmas is something for their dog, there are plenty of ways to spoil them! For something simple and fun that doesn’t require a whole lot of decision-making, go for a Barkbox! You can gift a few months’ subscription for a gift that keeps on giving or just a single box. 

If you want to let your friend pick something out, but still get them something kind of fun, a gift certificate to a fancy pet store, such as Treats Unleashed could get them something fun, like homemade dog cookies or some extra-nice toys or chews. 

For something simple and fairly practical, an appropriately-sized deer antler is popular among dogs of all chewing intensity levels. It’s not the shiniest thing, but they’re expensive enough to be kind of a luxury and the dog will sure love it! 


For the Heinz-57

Your friend loves their mutt just the way they are. Does it matter who their ancestors are? No! …But wouldn’t you like to know anyway? Just for fun? Sticking a DNA test in their stocking! There are a lot of options- Wisdom Panel has tests for both dogs and cats, Embark boasts the highest accuracy rate and includes several health test options as well as an “age test” for those pets with unknown birthdates, and there are plenty of other brands on the market! 

For the fancy feline 

Cats are amazing. Elegant on their own. But the cat accessories… not so much. The big plastic box full of sand and poop? Yikes. The towers covered in beige carpet and rope? Not the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world. If you’ve got a friend who shares their beautiful home with a feline friend, some decor-friendly accessories might be right up their alley! Litterbox-disguising furniture is one option. And for practical purposes (and an inexpensive gift!) this lint brush is practically magical- sent by God to remove cat hair from furniture and cat trees. 

Once again, Etsy is a great resource for artfully-designed cat hammocks, wall-mounted climbing shelves, or even hanging macrame cat swings. Your pal will have the fanciest feline residence around! 

For the workaholic

Balancing work and pet care can be a lot, especially around the holidays. If you’ve got a friend who is running themselves too ragged to take their energetic pup for a good long walk, they may appreciate a practical gift! Get them a few dog walks (we’ve got you covered there- check out our services page!), a few sessions at their doggy daycare, or even a night of boarding! 

This is one of those places where you may be able to do more than spend money. If you have the time or ability to take care of some pet care tasks yourself, make that part of the gift! I can’t tell you, for example, how much I would appreciate it if someone were to offer to pick my dog up at daycare for me one day. Like, that would be huge. 

Make your friend some coupons like we all did as kids- “good for one free grooming appointment pickup” or “good for one mid-day walk” or whatever you like, depending on your ability and your friend’s needs. 

For the star baker

If you’ve got a loved one who is a whiz in the kitchen, why shouldn’t they make something for their best pal? Get them started with a dog treat cookbook and some super-cute cookie cutters or treat molds! 

For those who are looking for a project, but maybe not submitting their Top Dog Chef applications just yet, a treat-baking kit might be a better fit. And, of course, they’ll need a cute cookie jar to store all the delicious fruits of their labor!

For the road tripper

If your friend has a furry co-pilot, consider a gift to make road tripping easier, tidier, or more comfortable for them and their pal. 

A car hammock serves a few different purposes. It provides a barrier for dogs who like to try to climb into the front seat, keeps the seats free of fur (and drool… or puke… or anything else a dog might produce if they’re nervous about the whole car idea), and keeps the pup from flying off the seats if the driver brakes hard. 

For the little guys, a booster seat can be a comfortable spot to curl up and can lift them up high enough to look out a window. Why should big dogs be the only ones to get to see the world fly by? 

For the practical car-riding pros, a dog seatbelt may help keep their best pal safe in case of an accident or emergency. It’s not the sparkliest of gifts, but it’s one that will get a lot of use!

For the generous soul

For that friend who doesn’t want any more stuff, but wishes they could save all the homeless animals, consider a donation in their name to their favorite animal rescue or shelter. If you want to have something physical to give them, call or check their website to see if they have any merch available! Many rescues will have t-shirts, holiday cards, calendars, or something else on offer for a donation.


For the goofball 

There’s no shortage of silly pet gifts out there! For a small gift or stocking stuffer, pick up a set of cat butt magnets (they also come in dog butt). Are your pal and their pet two halves of the same soul? Try a set of matching dog & human hoodies or pajamas! For a dog who needs a little added dignity, try a mustache ball. And for the snuggly cat (or small dog) who doesn’t want to be put down, check out the cat pouch hoodie

For the one who is always giving

We all know someone like this. Every bit of extra time or money they have goes to helping someone- human, animal, or a big of both. All their luxury items are cat towers or dog sweaters. Sometimes, even the biggest animal lover needs something just for themselves. 

Think outside the pet carrier- would your friend like soft pampering items, like fuzzy slippers or a big, soft blanket? Would they like something to occupy their time, such as a cool 3d puzzle or a great book? Would they like an outing, like a girls’ night dinner, an escape room, or a non-pet paint night? There are so many options out there. A plethora of personal pet presents if you will.

And for you and your pets… treat yourself to a little peace of mind! Whether you’re planning to go out of town for the holidays or just need someone to let little Holly and Rudolph out so you can go Christmas shopping straight after work, we’ve got you covered. Check out our pet-sitting services page for more information about how we can help you during holiday travel!

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