Doggie Date Spots of St. Louis

doggie date spots

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It’s a part of your daily routine- a glance back over your shoulder as you leave the house. A pair of big, sad eyes looking back at you. “Sorry, Bella/Blue/Buster/Bear. You have to stay home. Dogs aren’t allowed in the grocery store/ceramics studio/concert hall/operating room.” 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are better ways to live. You can spend time with your quadrupedal besties AND go out on the town! If you live in (or are visiting) the St. Louis area, we’ve got a few recommendations for doggie date spot adventures. 


For the social butterfly

Looking for something special and different? Check out K9 Kremery in Kirkwood. This brand-new spot features a full-service grooming salon, plus ice cream, treats, and homemade healthy baked goods- all formulated for dogs! 

Want to treat yourself? Zoomies Pet Cafe & Boutique is as human-focused as it is pet-friendly! Sit and enjoy coffee, tea, and even lunch with your leashed pet by your side. Dogs are allowed indoors as well as on the patio, so it’s a great wintertime destination! They even have a dog menu, featuring several delicious items. Once you’re done with lunch, you can check out their shop or, if your pup enjoys playing with others, stop by the off-leash area. It’s a perfect doggie date spot!

For the REAL dog park aficionados, Bar K STL is an impressive venue! Their indoor/outdoor dog park is enormous and features lots of climbing structures and ways for dogs to play. They also have “dogtenders” on staff who patrol the dog park areas to make sure everybody is having fun, keep things from getting too rowdy, keep an eye on things in order to allow owners to step out and grab something to eat. Bar K has frequent events and meetups, but their everyday setup is great on its own! You can grab a drink within the off-leash play area or go to a separate restaurant area for food. Dogs are not allowed in the indoor restaurant, but are allowed (on-leash) on their heated patio. 

Looking to grab a beer while you hang with your best bud? Try The Doghaus Soulard. This is a sports bar with an attached dog park! Dogs are not permitted inside the sports bar, but they have a window that opens onto the dog park so that you can order drinks without going inside. They also have a cozy and dog-friendly event space for rent, so if you’re planning your dog’s birthday (or your own), check them out! 


For the hometown tourist

Dog parks and bars are all well and good, but what if your pup is an introvert? There are plenty doggie date spots where it can be just you and your pooch. Dogs are welcome at the Skyview Drive-In movie theater. In fact, they recently broke the world record for the most dogs in attendance at a film screening! 

For a real St. Louis experience that you might not expect to be dog-friendly, there’s Riverboats at the Arch. Leashed dogs are welcome to walk around the arch grounds and, when they’re tired, take a rest… on the deck of a riverboat! Dogs must stay on the outside part of the deck, but let’s be honest- that’s where the action is anyway. 

For a quiet walk somewhere a bit different, try Laumeier Sculpture Park. Part art installation, part green space, Laumeier features more than 70 large-scale outdoor sculptures. Dogs are welcome in outdoor areas of the park during regular operation. Normal park courtesy rules apply: dogs must be leashed, you must pick up after your dog, and you must be respectful of other guests. 


For the shopaholic

The big chain pet stores have their place, but for a date with your doggie, why not stop at a smaller shop? Not only can you find a lot of cool stuff that may not be available at the chain stores, but you get to support a small local business. 

For a well-established pet bakery, check out Treats Unleashed. They’ve got all your regular pet stuff- food, toys, collars- and also a whole bunch of adorable home baked pet treats. You can even get a birthday cake specially made and decorated for your dog OR your cat! They have multiple locations in the St. Louis, Columbia, and Kansas City areas, so you’ve probably got one not too far away! 

Ciao Chow is a darling little shop in the city with an amazing mission- it exists to support All Paws Safe Haven, which is a small, newly-established dog rescue. Come by to pick up some essentials, visit the shop dogs, and admire the hand-painted murals… or paint one of your own at their monthly Paint your Pet event! 

Airedale Antics is a one-stop shop. Along with natural pet supplies, they offer full grooming services! If you need an excuse to stop by, they have a $5 nail trim event once a month to benefit a local rescue. 


For the cat person

So what if you’re not looking for something you can do WITH your pet so much as just… the chance to be around a bunch of awesome animals? Maybe you’re more of a cat person. Maybe you’re equal-opportunity. 

You’ll have to leave your pets at home for these, but St. Louis now boasts a number of cat cafes! Check out Whisker Station, The Cheshire Grin, or Mauhaus. All three are part of or partnered with local rescues, which means the cats in the cafes are adoptable. If you’re interested in visiting a cat café, reservations are a good idea… or, depending on which you choose and when, a requirement. So plan ahead! 


There will always be times when your pet can’t come along- but don’t fret! Your home can be it’s own doggie date spot! They don’t have to spend the day alone when you’ve got 4-Legged Kids on speed dial! Check out our services page and book a let-out visit or a walk with one of our dedicated pet experts.

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