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Learn more about the good work that Tenth Life Cat Rescue is providing the St. Louis homeless cat community

Tenth Life Cat Rescue is an organization committed to seeking out resources to prevent the euthanization of cats and to support people who are unable to care for their pets.
Through adoption meet and greets, special events like Kitten Shower, and donation drives, they have successfully provided loving homes for many cats in need in St. Louis.
Volunteers and fosters are integral to their success at preventing euthanasia and finding forever homes.
Find out more at their website Tenth Life Cats
1. A Helping Hand for Cat Care: STL Unleashed Interviews Tenth Life Cat Rescue Leaders (00:00 – 05:36)
2. Nurturing Our Fur Babies: Tales of Our Pet Parents (05:36 – 10:12)
3. Exploring Tenth Life Through the Eyes of a the Executive Director: From Intake to Adoption and Beyond (10:12 – 15:25)
4. Kitten Shower Event: Get Ready for Kitten Season with Essential Supplies! (15:25 – 20:40)
5. Become a Foster Parent to Help Stray Cats: Get Involved with Their Trivia Night and Pride Parade! (20:40 – 25:18)
6. The Future Vision of Tenth Life Cat Rescue (25:18 – 30:36)
7. Creating a Voucher Program to Help Cat Owners Afford Care for their Pets. (30:36 – 35:44)
8. Unleashing Support: How 4-Legged Kids® and Tenth Life Cats Collaborate to Care For St. Louis cats (35:44 – 40:54)

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