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The ultimate canine party for pets and people!

Bar K is an innovative concept that provides a unique community experience for pet owners and their pets.
It consists of two-acres of outdoor space, a 10,000 square foot indoor park, and a cafe offering a variety of eats and drinks.
They have many social offerings including breed meetups, food options for humans and dogs, agility courses, and a climbing structure. Stay at Bar K provides day camp services for dogs through a relationship with Kennelwood Pet Resorts where St. Louis dogs can receive daycare, boarding, and training services.
Non-dog owners can even enjoy the atmosphere for free!
Bar K Dog Bar is an inviting atmosphere for those needing a place to work and those wanting to take their dog out for some enrichment.
1. Reinventing the Dog Park Experience:The Story of Bar K and the Rise of Cool Pet Parenting (00:00 – 06:05)
2. Exploring Bar KDog Bar: A Two-Acre Outdoor Park, 10,000 Square Foot Indoor Park, and a Petfinder Park for Adoption Events (06:05 – 11:28)
3. A Paw-Some Experience at the Dog Park – Breed Meetups, Delicious Food, and Fun Art Installations! (11:29 – 16:49)
4. Exploring Dog Breeds at Bar K Dog Parks: An Educational Experience for Dog-Lovers (16:49 – 22:20)
5. Purposeful Design: Revitalizing Oklahoma City With Bar K’s Dog Park (22:20 – 27:38)
6. Partnering with Kennelwood: Building a Social Experience Around Dog Lovers at Bar K. (27:39 – 32:18)
7. Experience Furry Fun at Stay at Bar K for Day or Overnight Boarding (32:18 – 37:16)
8. Unleashing the History and Future of Bar K Dog Bar (37:17 – 39:27)
You can find out more on their website at Bar K St. Louis

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