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Everyone knows that pet photography is easy, right?

Lynn Terry is an experienced photographer and animal advocate with 30 years of experience in fine art photography. Lynn transitioned to digital photography early on and uses it as a creative tool to not only capture the joy and life of her private clients but also highlight the beauty in the rescue community. Through that she has come to appreciate the special bond between humans and their beloved pets. Her work includes custom photo booths, pinup photography, the creation of calendars, and vintage photography. Additionally, Lynn recently opened Zoomies Cafe, a pet-friendly coffee shop and boutique. This shop offers customers coffee, tea, food, Pet-themed gifts such as onesies, Pet treats, Pet toys and stuffies, as well as gift cards. Additionally, Zoomies hosts events such as photoshoots in the studio and donates proceeds from retail sales to local rescues.
1. Patience is Key When Photographing Pets: Lynn Terry’s Journey as St. Louis Premier Pet Photographer (00:00 – 05:21)
2. Changing the World with Pet Photography: A Bitter Sweet Journey. (05:21 – 09:32)
3. Overnight Sensation: The Incredible Story of Petunia, Tucker, and The Missouri 500 (09:32 – 14:26)
4. Unveiling the Creative Shoot Behind the ‘Pet Photo Booth’ and Pinup Calendars (14:27 – 19:11)
5. Achieving Work-Life Balance: A Photographer’s Story of Momming in Business (19:11 – 23:43)
6. Juggling Work and Family: A Photographer’s Journey to a Dream Retirement (23:43 – 28:40)
7. Exploring the Creative Pet Boutique and Coffee Shop: Zoomies (28:40 – 33:16)
8. A Backyard Oasis: Enjoying Drinks, Dogs, and Delights at Zoomies (33:16 – 37:43)
9. Achieving Perfect Pet Photography Shots: Expert Tips and Tricks (37:44 – 42:20)
Enjoy this amazing woman and her beautiful work at Lynn Terry Photography
AND don’t forget to join her for a cup of your favorite drink at Zoomie’s Cafe…one of St. Louis’ premier places for conversation with the cool kids…don’t forget to bring your dog!
5836-38 Macklind Ave
St. Louis, MO 63109

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