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How can you make a visit to the veterinarian easier on your pet?

Dr. Marcy Hammerle is a veterinarian and medical director of two The Pet Doctor locations located in Winghaven and Cottleville, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2003 and opened her pet hospital in 2004. Marcy has an incredible team at The Pet Doctor and they are the UNIVERSE’S first Fear-Free certified practice. Fear Free certification ensures your pets the best chance at a low-stress experience. We cover a lot of ground in this interview including her 4-year term with the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association and her involvement in NOMV (Not One More Vet).
1. The Pet Doctor of St. Charles County: Marcy Hammerle and her Fear-Free Certified Practice (00:00 – 05:45)
2. The Fear-Free Certification Process and How it Can Help Reduce Stress For Pets (05:45 – 12:01)
3. Fear-Free Certification: Transforming Pet Care Experiences (12:01 – 18:08)
4. The Benefits of Preparing Your Pet For the Veterinarian (18:09 – 24:09)
5. The Advantages of Pet Insurance. (24:12 – 30:50)
6. Exploring the Challenges in the Veterinary Field and the statistics from NOMV(30:50 – 35:59)
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