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Did you know senior pets are often discarded by their owners?

Tracy Rumpf had over a decade of work in rescue before she founded Second Chance Ranch. Second Chance is a senior home and hospice sanctuary based in High Ridge in northern Jefferson County. Second Chance Rescue is celebrating two great years and is looking for volunteers to help with their needs and attend their upcoming anniversary party and events.
1. The Fulfilling Purpose of Rescuing Animals with Tracy Rump of Second Chance Ranch (00:00 – 05:49)
2. Tackling Challenges of Starting an Animal Sanctuary (05:49 – 11:32)
3. Second Chance Ranch: Giving Pets Their Best Life (11:32 – 17:06)
4. Providing the Best Life for Senior Dogs at Second Chance Ranch (17:06 – 22:31)
5. Senior Dog Sanctuary – Redesigning for Improved Functionality (22:32 – 28:01)
6. Stand Up for Dogs: Second Chance Ranch’s Educational Events to Help Missouri’s Animals (28:02 – 33:29)
7. Second Chance: Celebrating the Two Year Anniversary (33:29 – 36:13)
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