Our St. Louis Pet Care Team

At 4-Legged Kids, we know you are the kind of people who want to take the best care of your pets.

To do that, you need to ensure their security and safety when you can’t be there.

The problem is that reliable pet care is hard to find.

This can make you worried about making the best decision for your family. There are so many inconvenient options that never seem quite right.

We believe Pet Parents like you should be able to provide the best care to your “kids” on your terms.

We get it. We are pet parents also. We understand how hard it can be to wade through all the options, especially if you have tried some that failed. That’s why we put all our decades of experience behind helping you choose the right care plan for you.

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Meet Your St. Louis Pet Sitting Team

All employees undergo a rigorous hiring and training process including access to 110+ education modules on safety, advanced behavior, and animal health before we can say they uphold our industry-defining Standard of Care. We believe that Life With Pets is Life Well Lived ®. We continually look to improve our staff knowledge and understanding of best practices in the pet care industry.

4-Legged Kids Values

At 4-Legged Kids we are nothing without our team of amazing pet professionals. We find the best, train them to do the best, and encourage them to be the best every day. 

Our goal is to be 1% better each day. That results in a 37x growth by the end of the year!

To the left you can see our Team Values tree. We could just keep this on our office wall and in our manuals but we believe it is SO much who we are that our entire community needs to be part of it.

The roots of our tree makes us strong. You can see that we do WORK THAT MATTERS. We don’t just play with puppies and kitties all day. It is WAY more than that. We care for some of the most precious things in your life. We are YOU when you can’t be there.

Creating that experience for you and your pets requires more than your average person off the street. We demand more from our staff and our staff demands more of themselves.

You will see that our branches are the values that we LIVE for, HIRE for, ACKNOWLEDGE for, and PROMOTE for. So much goes into having a consistent and efficient team – especially when you are spread all over the St. Louis area!

We hope this helps you understand the LOVE and COMMITMENT we put into your family every day. You matter to us.

Leadership Team

Kristina Frost

Social Media Manager

Ariel Boeving

Operations Manager
Fear Free Certified

Emma Foppe

Scheduling Manager

Jaren Mueller

Training Manager
Fear Free Certified

Christina Vaught

Assistant Manager

Alex Angle

Assistant Manager

Team Trainers

Ben C.

team trainer

Avery R.

team trainer

Jen T.

team trainer

Kevin C.

team trainer

Dana B.

team trainer

LaJoya W.

Care Team

Amy C.

St. Charles

Cat P.

St. Louis City

Daphne S.

St. Louis City

Dusty E.

Creve Coeur

Ellen D.

West County

Jennifer O.

Mid county

Jessica B.

South City

Jill G.

west county

Katie C.

west county

Lara F.

St. Louis

Lauren B.

West County

Lisa G.

West County

McKenna B.

West County

Melanie T.

Mid County

Michael C.

West County

Michele W.

Creve Coeur

Michelle G.

Mid County

Molly P.

West County

Suzanna D.

West County

Teresa W.

South City/Affton

Trevor C

University City

William B.

Mid County

*CPACO – Certified Professional Animal Care Operator

The Mission of the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) is to bring independent testing and certification to the pet care services industry. Independent certification is an important step for a rapidly growing, easy-to-enter industry frequently damaged by news reports of serious pet accidents and deaths.

Our founder is on the international board of PACCC and contributes her time to the important task of standardizing care for pets across the industry.

**CPPS – Certified Professional Pet Sitter

**CPPS – Certified Professional Pet Sitter

PSI’s CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter Exam provides candidates with the only knowledge-based assessment designed specifically for professional pet sitters. PSI’s exam requires that candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and prosper as professional pet sitters.

***Fear Free Certified Professional

Fear Free provides online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, and pet owners. Courses are developed and written by the most respected veterinary and pet experts in the world, including boarded veterinary behaviorists, boarded veterinary anesthesiologists, pain experts, boarded veterinary internists, veterinary technicians (behavior), experts in shelter medicine, animal training, grooming, boarding, and more.

2021 Pet Sitter of the Year Industry award.

Top Five Finalist - Pet Sitter of the Year

Janie Budnick, Director of Greatness (D.O.G.) of 4-Legged Kids was named a top five finalist of the 2021 Pet Sitter of the Year Industry award.

“First awarded by PSI in 1995, the Pet Sitter of the Year designation recognizes true excellence in the professional pet-sitting field. PSI evaluates nominees on stringent criteria including client and professional references, commitment to quality care and professionalism, contributions to clients and the industry-at-large, and commitment to continuing education.”

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