Private Boarding

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Our private sleepovers are the ultimate in pampering for any dog that doesn’t get anxious leaving home and would enjoy either the extra activity or the extra attention they would get at a private pet lover’s home.

We do require:

  •  Males over 1 year are neutered and do not mark
  • Females over 9 months are neutered and not cycling – if they begin their cycle during their boarding stay they will be changed to medical boarding at a fee of $105 per day + supplies
  • socialized with kids, other dogs, and cats (can be learned or adjusted for with cats only)
  • Able to be kept in a crate when no one is directly supervising
  • Completely potty trained (unless a puppy under 6 mo) this includes dogs that “might hike in the house”. If there is a situation like that the dog will be required to wear a belly band or diaper in the house and the client will be charged $25 for supplies.
  • Up-to-date vaccination records (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella) MUST RECEIVE COPY
  • Dogs will not be accepted if theyhave eye or nose drainage, coughing or sneezing, diarrhea, etc.

Private Boarding $75 per day

If you drop your pet off before 2pm it will be a full day charge. After is 1/2 day charge. If you pick up before 2pm it will be 1/2 day charge on the final day. If after 2pm it will be full day charge.

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