Preparing for a Puppy

Perfect Puppy Preparations Are the Key! Welcome to the world of new puppy care, where excitement and challenges await both you and your furry friend. This guide provides a comprehensive look into the journey of puppy parenting, from recognizing the dedication it requires to making sure your pup grows up content and healthy. From understanding […]

Helping Seniors With Their Pets in St. Louis

Our Seniors Get Huge Benefit From Their Pets! As our population ages, dog walking and pet sitting for seniors have become increasingly important aspects of maintaining older adults’ physical health and emotional well-being. Studies have demonstrated that having a pet companion can be a key factor in enhancing the life of seniors, providing them with […]

Developing an Exercise Routine for Your St. Louis Dog

How important is exercise for your dog? Developing a routine for dog exercise can feel like an uphill battle. In fact, when it comes to keeping their furry friends fit and healthy, many pet owners’ #1 challenge is… Dog exercise. They’re unsure of how to do it right. This uncertainty separates casual pet parents from the true […]

Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

How can you introduce a new cat to your home? Introducing a new cat to your home can be an exciting yet challenging experience for both you and your resident feline friend. Considering the special requirements of cats, with some planning and forbearance it is possible to make a congenial environment where all members can […]

Best Places to Walk Your Dog in St. Louis

Where are the best dog walking locations in St. Louis? Where are the best dog-walking locations in Saint Louis? Are you looking for a place that is both fun and safe for your pup? Whether it’s Forest Park, Tower Grove Park, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Grant’s Trail, or Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park – we have […]

The Six Ways to Aid Your Aging Senior Dog

the six ways to aid your aging senior dog

Your dog has been your best friend for life. But recently, he’s been slowing down and getting gray around the muzzle. Old age can be a wonderful time in a dog’s life- a time to stop and smell the flowers, to snuggle, to nap, and just to enjoy each other. But, as we all know, […]

Is That Cat Supposed to Look Like That?

is that cat supposed to look like that

Compared to dogs, cats don’t have a whole lot of physical variety. They’re roughly the same size and shape and come in a relatively small range of colors and patterns. You may have noticed walking down the street a cat that has part of one of their ears gone or their tail is completely missing. […]

Frugal Vet Care Options

frugal vet care options

Being a pet parent is a joy, an honor… and a financial obligation. When it comes to veterinary care, even a relatively financially stable person can find themselves facing an eye-watering unexpected vet bill and scrambling to find ways to pay it.  Here are a few frugal vet care options to keep yourself from ending […]

Do Dogs or Cats Suit You Better?

do dogs or cats suit you better

Some of us out there are pretty dedicated dog or cat people. We simply do not vibe with the other species. Maybe we have a lot more experience with one than the other. But a lot of us are a little more equal-opportunity. Forget dog person vs cat person- we’d have a brown bear and […]

The Messy Side of Dog Training

messy side of dog training

One thing about advice is, it’s easy to give.  Don’t like something your pet is doing? Simply train them not to! Just be patient and diligent and consistent and committed and loving and educated and firm-but-gentle and perfect! Easy peasy!  But the truth is, there is a messy side of dog training. Blogs like this […]