Communicating With Your Deaf Pet

communicating with your deaf pet

Whether you knew when you got them or it’s a surprise, whether they were born that way or lost their hearing over time, being a deaf pet’s human is quite the honor! It can seem daunting- how do you accommodate them? How do you train them? Is it difficult to care for a deaf pet? […]

Small Dogs Are Misunderstood

small dogs are misunderstood

I have exciting news: I recently became the proud owner of a small dog. I would not normally self-identify as a “small dog person.” It’s not that I don’t like small dogs. I’ve fostered and loved many of them and they’re every bit as diverse in personality as big dogs. I’ve known quite a few […]

Five Steps to Painless Vet Visits

painless vet visits

There are many joys of pet ownership, but not every minute is sunshine and roses. If you’re a responsible pet parent, at some point, you’ll have to visit the *lowers voice* V-E-T. It may not be your dog’s favorite outing, but vet visits don’t have to be traumatic. Here are a few things you can […]

Doggie Date Spots of St. Louis

doggie date spots

It’s a part of your daily routine- a glance back over your shoulder as you leave the house. A pair of big, sad eyes looking back at you. “Sorry, Bella/Blue/Buster/Bear. You have to stay home. Dogs aren’t allowed in the grocery store/ceramics studio/concert hall/operating room.”  But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are […]

Is Gifting A Pet The Best Idea?

Is gifting a pet the best idea?

Anyone who has ever watched a 5-Minute Crafts video can attest to one truth: just because you see something on a viral video doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. That also applies to gifting a pet during the holiday season. And yet, here we are. Gearing up for “surprise puppy” season.  As a general rule, […]

A Plethora of Personal Pet Presents

plethora of personal pet presents

It’s that time of year again! We shower our four-legged friends with gifts every day of the year, but ‘tis the season to show our like-minded two-legged friends some love! If you need some help deciding what to put under the tree this year, we’ve got a plethora of personal pet presents inspiration coming your […]

Dog Training is a Team Effort

dog training is a team effort

“I would give you a Cheez-it, but your mean mommy says no.”  It’s a refrain I hear from outside my office door every time my dog comes to work with me. I hear it from the other side of the table or couch if I have a friend over. I hear it in public “Sorry, […]

Dog Walking in a Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland

The mercury is dropping. The days are short. And it’s time to adjust some of your pet care routines for winter. Here are some tips and products to help you make the transition to dog walking in a winter wonderland!   Walking in the dark Summertime gives us daylight well into the evening, so finding […]

How Can You Help A Stray?

help a stray

A lot of great stories begin when our hero is approached by a mysterious stranger. Will they bring love? Adventure? Or just a whole lot of trouble? Well, when that stranger has four (or three) legs, the answer is usually “a bit of each.”  So your story begins. A little cat walked out of the […]

The Subtle Art of Speaking Cat

the subtle art of speaking cat

Life would sometimes be easier if we could speak the same language as our pets. I could ask my dog how she felt about the idea of having a dog sibling and explain to my cat that I’m very sorry to disappoint her, but the can she just heard me open is actually coconut milk […]