Senior Dogs Aren’t Disposable

Listen on… Did you know senior pets are often discarded by their owners? Tracy Rumpf had over a decade of work in rescue before she founded Second Chance Ranch. Second Chance is a senior home and hospice sanctuary based in High Ridge in northern Jefferson County. Second Chance Rescue is celebrating two great years and […]

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Listen on… How can you make a visit to the veterinarian easier on your pet? Dr. Marcy Hammerle is a veterinarian and medical director of two The Pet Doctor locations located in Winghaven and Cottleville, Missouri. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2003 and opened her pet hospital in 2004. Marcy has an […]

The Pet Calming Maestro

Listen on… How can Canine Sound Therapy help your pet with noise anxiety? Lisa Specter is a Juilliard-trained classical pianist. Since graduating from Juilliard, she’s taught piano at the university level, owned a music school in her community, toured internationally, won 1st prizes in national piano competitions, advanced to finals in international competitions, performed in […]

Doodles Here, Doodles There

Listen on… Are doodles a little red bull combined with a little crazy? Corinne Gearhart, also known as The Doodle Pro™, is a professional dog trainer specializing in poodles and doodles who has become internationally recognized for her expertise in the breed. Through her successful podcast, courses offered by the Doodle Pro Academy, and the […]

Pet Photography is Easy

Listen on… Everyone knows that pet photography is easy, right? Lynn Terry is an experienced photographer and animal advocate with 30 years of experience in fine art photography. Lynn transitioned to digital photography early on and uses it as a creative tool to not only capture the joy and life of her private clients but […]

Where Can Your Dogs Play? BarK

Listen on… The ultimate canine party for pets and people! Bar K is an innovative concept that provides a unique community experience for pet owners and their pets.It consists of two-acres of outdoor space, a 10,000 square foot indoor park, and a cafe offering a variety of eats and drinks. They have many social offerings including […]


Listen on… You just THINK that you know who Kennelwood Pet Resorts is… Jennifer van Garderen is the COO of Kennelwood Pet Resorts, a St. Louis-based boarding, daycare, grooming, and training service that has been pivotal to the community and pet care industry for nearly 50 years. Kennelwood Pet Resorts is expanding their reach by […]

When Nine Aren’t Enough

Listen on… Learn more about the good work that Tenth Life Cat Rescue is providing the St. Louis homeless cat community Tenth Life Cat Rescue is an organization committed to seeking out resources to prevent the euthanization of cats and to support people who are unable to care for their pets. Through adoption meet and greets, […]

Welcome to StL Unleashed!

Listen on… Click here to listen! “I love finding out about the cool kids in the ‘Lou on StL Unleashed.” <– If that sounds like you, please consider rating and reviewing this show! This helps me support the amazing pet industry in St. Louis and provide more education and resources to local pet parents. Click […]