Dog Training is a Team Effort

dog training is a team effort

“I would give you a Cheez-it, but your mean mommy says no.”  It’s a refrain I hear from outside my office door every time my dog comes to work with me. I hear it from the other side of the table or couch if I have a friend over. I hear it in public “Sorry, […]

Dog Walking in a Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland

The mercury is dropping. The days are short. And it’s time to adjust some of your pet care routines for winter. Here are some tips and products to help you make the transition to dog walking in a winter wonderland!   Walking in the dark Summertime gives us daylight well into the evening, so finding […]

How Can You Help A Stray?

help a stray

A lot of great stories begin when our hero is approached by a mysterious stranger. Will they bring love? Adventure? Or just a whole lot of trouble? Well, when that stranger has four (or three) legs, the answer is usually “a bit of each.”  So your story begins. A little cat walked out of the […]

The Subtle Art of Speaking Cat

the subtle art of speaking cat

Life would sometimes be easier if we could speak the same language as our pets. I could ask my dog how she felt about the idea of having a dog sibling and explain to my cat that I’m very sorry to disappoint her, but the can she just heard me open is actually coconut milk […]

DIY Professional Pet Photos

DIY professional pet photos

Are your pet photos a little… blah? Are you discouraged because photography seems like a complicated and expensive hobby? Fear not! You can still get some stellar shots and capture some of those precious memories in style. Here are a few tips to DIY professional pet photos! Get on their level This is number one […]

The Worthwhile Journey To A Shy Pet’s Heart

worthwhile journey

For many of us, when we got our pets, it was love at first sight for both. There’s a meet-cute story: face kisses, lap sitting, instant purrs, and a “she picked me!” feeling around the whole thing. And often, they settle right in at home and, within the first 24 hours, you’re snapping pictures of […]

Halloween Pet Protocol

halloween pet protocol

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween time! Well…wonderful for humans, that is. For the furry little fanged monsters living in your house, spooky fun can cause real fear. Here is the Halloween pet protocol you can follow to keep your gremlins safe and comfortable during spooky season! Keep in mind: if it’s […]

The Blessed Mush: Pros & Cons of Canned Food

canned food

There are a lot of choices you have to make when it comes to taking care of your pet. One you’ll face daily is, what do you feed them? There are loads of brands and styles and formulas, but let’s focus on one basic question: canned food or dry food? Here are some of the […]

Tips and Tricks For Getting a New Dog

Getting a new dog

So you’re thinking of getting a new dog. Congratulations! You’ve done your research and decided what works best for you: adult or puppy? Rescue or breeder? Big, small, or in between? It’s an exciting time. And now? It’s time to go shopping.  There are entire stores dedicated just to pet stuff. Massive websites. You could […]

Pet Death Breath

Pet death breath

Have you stopped accepting kisses from your true love because their slobber is pure stank? Have their pearly whites gone a bit… brownish? If so, you’re not alone! Some even call it pet death breath. Dental health is an important, but often overlooked part of caring for an aging pet.  Why is dental healthcare so […]