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Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? While we are all grateful for the rain and the recent storms (especially to knock out some of the pollen), some of our 4-Legged Kids are less than thrilled with the thunderstorms. Do you have a dog that gets

Hiking with your dog in St. Louis

Hiking with your dog is a great thing to do for both them and you!  From your dog's perspective it can be so much fun to go out in the woods…so many smells, people to admire them, and other dogs to visit.  There are lots

Poop eating – yes I just went there!

Yes, I just went there! Poop eating in our dogs is about the nastiest thing ever, isn't it? It is always encouraged to pick up your dog's doo right after for many health reasons, but it is a must for the turd-herders. Of course some