Dog Walking in Wildwood & Ellisville

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in Wildwood & Ellisville Missouri 63011, 63038, 63040, 63069

Well hey there fellow pet lovers! If you’re living in Ellisville or Wildwood, Missouri, or are thinking about moving here and you have pets you will find it is the perfect blend of city and country. This area is the paw-fect place to have a pet, with plenty of local fun things to do and resources to help you take care of your fur-kid.

On of the most important resources for any pet parent is a great veterinarian. In Ellisville alone, there are five veterinary clinics, and in Wildwood, there are three. There are even equine and large animal veterinarians a bit further west in case you enjoy the mini-farm life.

We all know that pets need to look their best, especially if they are a breed that needs regular grooming (doodles anyone?). In Ellisville, you have five groomers to choose from, and in Wildwood, there are three. So, whether your pet needs a quick trim or a full-on spa day, you’re covered.

Training is also an essential part of pet ownership, and luckily, there are plenty of trainers in the area to help you and your pet become the best of pals. There are several dog trainers and behaviorists in the area that you can go to or they can come to your home. If you’re looking to teach your dog a new trick or just need some help with obedience training, there are plenty of options available.

There are several dog parks in the area, including a city-sponsored one in Wildwood and Rock Hollow Trail in Wildwood. These parks are perfect for letting your dog run around and burn off some energy while also meeting other furry friends. Socialized dogs only!

If you and your dog enjoy long walks, mental stimulation, and even some big hikes, there are some really great trails in the area and wooded locations to explore. Some popular trails in the area include the Al Foster Trail in Wildwood and the Castlewood State Park Trail in Ballwin.

We all know that sometimes life can get in the way of pet ownership. Whether it’s work or travel, sometimes we just can’t be there for our pets as much as we’d like to be. That’s where 4-Legged Kids comes in. They offer dog walking services and pet sitting for when you need an extra hand of your furry friend. They are the next best thing to you being there!

Pet Resources in Ellisville & Wildwood

4-Legged Kids Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

St. Louis’ #1 Dog Walking and Pet Sitting service is in your neighborhood! At 4-Legged Kids, we understand your pets are family and deserve the best care. With decades of experience, we help you choose the perfect care plan on your terms. Our expert dog walking and pet sitting services ensure their security and happiness when you can’t be there. 

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Cherry Hills Veterinary Hospital

We just love this place! It is owned by Dr. Emily Leonard and is one of the few Fear Free Certified Clinics in the area. More important that you can imagine! They are centrally located in Grover, which is a little bedroom community in the Wildwood area.

16970 Manchester Rd

Grover, MO 63040



Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic

This veterinary clinic has long ties to the area. They started in 1961 when much of the area was still farmland. Their practice has a great reputation in the area and they are one of the few in West St. Louis County that specialize in avian and exotic medicine and surgery.

15646 Manchester Rd

Ellisville, MO 63011



Happy Hounds Playground

Happy Hounds Playground is committed to giving caring dog owners a clean and happy gathering place for their dogs to run, play, splash and swim.  The park is an excellent way for you and your dog to enjoy open space, fresh air, exercise and socialization all with the freedom of being off leash.  It’s time for you to have a happy hound!

2448 Pond Rd.

Grover, MO 63040