St. Louis Dog Walking

You are not the only dog parent in St. Louis who struggles to decide what is best for your dog when you are gone during the day. Do they need extra exercise with a long dog walk? A midday potty break? Some canine enrichment to prevent boredom behaviors?

We have several options for you to provide consistent, reliable mid-day care for your dog. Take a look at the options to determine the best fit for your family.
Potty Break

Potty Break

Do you have an older dog who might need a potty break in the middle of the day but just can’t manage a long walk? Do you have a puppy that needs multiple potty breaks while you are at work?

We come in for a quick visit and a leash walk in the yard or a let-out to potty in a fenced back yard.

The perfect visit to take care of business with a snack and a smooch.
Standard Walk

Standard Walk

This is the most common walk for our dog friends. We leash up and get fresh air, exercise, and mental stimulation through the neighborhood.

This is great for the average, active dog.

We can tailor to their needs: whether you have them on an exercise program and we need to cover some ground, or they enjoy a shorter walk and playtime inside or in a fenced back yard.

Extended Walk

This is for our most active dog friends…you know who you are!

Do your dogs need that extra time during the day? The extra exercise?

We can be adventurous with our time to keep it varied and stimulating for your dog.

This visit can also be a walk combined with backyard or indoor playtime with a brush-down and some extra snuggling time!