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Local Giving

We are excited to announce we met our goal and reached 40,000 meals donated to local rescue by the end of 2021! At 4-Legged Kids, we feel that providing for homeless pets & the people that care for them is our social responsibility and we take joy in connecting our important work to the important St. Louis rescue community.

Since 2018, each service we provide to you allows us to donate a meal to a local non-profit. Every one of us at 4-Legged Kids believes in giving back to the community. In fact, our Mission is one of the biggest things that attracts new members to our team!

We Have Provided




Snuggle logo

What they do: SNUGGLE rescues special needs animals, mainly cats and dogs, which need special foster care due to injury, health disorders, or pregnant cats & dogs. They specialize in neo-natal kittens and puppies who must be hand raised because the mother cannot be found or can no longer care for her babies.


Our Director’s View: How cool and specialized is that? SNUGGLE provides for a big gap in rescue by hand-raising orphaned puppies and kittens. These little bits wouldn’t stand a chance without SNUGGLE’s expert care. They aren’t a traditional rescue group. They help local groups during the challenging times and then return the animal to the original rescue for adoption! They don’t receive adoption funds. They rely 100% on donations to continue their amazing work! Visit their Facebook Page for more information and to Donate.




What they do: The Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis serves as the official No-Kill animal shelter partner for the City of St. Louis Animal Care and Control. They embrace the No-Kill equation and follow the guiding principles of no-kill shelters.


Our Director’s View: Not everyone remembers, or is even aware of, the disaster that the old Gasconade pound was (the old city pound). It was like the nightmare pound you see in every dog-friendly movie. Fortunately, it closed in 2012. That left a huge gap in St. Louis which CARE STL has been able to fill with a leadership dream team to move St. Louis forward in the humane care and treatment of St. Louis’ homeless pets.

Care STL
Even chance



What they do: Even chance strives to counteract misinformation about pit bulls with factual education, communication, and resources for the general public as well as the pit bull community. We rescue temperamentally sound dogs from shelters, including dogs with medical needs and dogs rescued from organized fighting rings or other inhumane situations. We provide foster care for our rescued dogs until they are placed in forever homes.


Our Director’s View: Pit People are Passionate! PPP! This group works so hard to advocate for their chosen breed. We have seen firsthand their efforts to educate the public and promote the breed with their programs.