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Thank you for your interest in our family boarding options. We are selective in who we share our home with and would appreciate your attention to the following questions about your dog so we can best consider placement. They become part of our families while you are gone.


If you have more than one dog, please fill out one form for each dog.


We will evaluate your application and contact you to move forward.


The first dog from a home is $60 per day and additional dogs from the same home/same owner are $40 per day. Additional fees for significant medical care. Half-days are calculated at 2pm. Drop-off and pick-up by appointment between 8am and 8pm. Minimum 3 days for initial booking.


Who this service is NOT for:


  • Dogs who aren’t house trained (excluding puppies under 6 months)
  • Dogs who do not like, or have not been socialized with, other dogs (This includes dogs who have not been around other dogs in the last 3+ months. We do not have the capacity to re-socialize dogs)
  • Dogs who are acclimated to owners being present throughout the day and exhibit anxious behaviors and are unable to settle with no one present (whining, barking, pacing, destructive behaviors)
  • Dogs who are unable to settle quickly after being placed in a kennel


* This list and the questions below have had to be developed in our (post)Covid time. Covid isolation has also created many challenges for our dogs. Many have lost their socialization skills and have become more anxious and behaviors have been masked. Please understand we want to provide the happiest, most relaxing environment for your dogs in our home and we have to choose wisely for everyone’s benefit.*